Character sets

Using special characters from Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4) in HTML


Microsoft has defined a Pan-European character set known as Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4). It contains characters that are required for Western, Central and Eastern European languages, and includes Cyrillic and Greek alphabets and many characters for which Monotype’s Symbol font was previously required. The WGL4 standard incorporates codepages 1250 (Eastern Europe), 1251 (Cyrillic), 1252 (US English = ANSI), 1253 (Greek) and 1254 (Turkish). WGL4 contains 652 characters (compared with 256 in the old codepages), and uses Unicode numbering for the characters.

The new characters can easily be used in Web pages, either by adding &# to the front of the decimal number and ; to the end (e.g. ‰ for a per mille sign (‰)), or by using the new HTML 4 character entity references (although not all WGL4 characters have corresponding entities). However, support for the new characters varies between browsers. The tables below use the decimal numeric character references to display the characters in the first column, and can be used to determine which characters are supported by your browser and fonts.

The new characters can be used in Word 97, Word 2000, Word 2002, Word 2003 and Word 2007 by selecting Symbol on the Insert menu and choosing a character from the dialog box.

There are many Unicode fonts that include the WGL4 characters.

Unicode Ranges


Basic Latin : Unicode U+0000 – U+007F (0–127)

!3321-exclamation mark
"3422"quotation mark
#3523-number sign
$3624-dollar sign
%3725-percent sign
(4028-left parenthesis
)4129-right parenthesis
+432B-plus sign
.462E-full stop
04830-digit zero
14931-digit one
25032-digit two
35133-digit three
45234-digit four
55335-digit five
65436-digit six
75537-digit seven
85638-digit eight
95739-digit nine
<603C&lt;less-than sign
=613D-equals sign
>623E&gt;greater-than sign
?633F-question mark
@6440-commercial at
A6541-Latin capital letter A
B6642-Latin capital letter B
C6743-Latin capital letter C
D6844-Latin capital letter D
E6945-Latin capital letter E
F7046-Latin capital letter F
G7147-Latin capital letter G
H7248-Latin capital letter H
I7349-Latin capital letter I
J744A-Latin capital letter J
K754B-Latin capital letter K
L764C-Latin capital letter L
M774D-Latin capital letter M
N784E-Latin capital letter N
O794F-Latin capital letter O
P8050-Latin capital letter P
Q8151-Latin capital letter Q
R8252-Latin capital letter R
S8353-Latin capital letter S
T8454-Latin capital letter T
U8555-Latin capital letter U
V8656-Latin capital letter V
W8757-Latin capital letter W
X8858-Latin capital letter X
Y8959-Latin capital letter Y
Z905A-Latin capital letter Z
[915B-left square bracket
\925C-reverse solidus
]935D-right square bracket
^945E-circumflex accent
_955F-low line
`9660-grave accent
a9761-Latin small letter a
b9862-Latin small letter b
c9963-Latin small letter c
d10064-Latin small letter d
e10165-Latin small letter e
f10266-Latin small letter f
g10367-Latin small letter g
h10468-Latin small letter h
i10569-Latin small letter i
j1066A-Latin small letter j
k1076B-Latin small letter k
l1086C-Latin small letter l
m1096D-Latin small letter m
n1106E-Latin small letter n
o1116F-Latin small letter o
p11270-Latin small letter p
q11371-Latin small letter q
r11472-Latin small letter r
s11573-Latin small letter s
t11674-Latin small letter t
u11775-Latin small letter u
v11876-Latin small letter v
w11977-Latin small letter w
x12078-Latin small letter x
y12179-Latin small letter y
z1227A-Latin small letter z
{1237B-left curly bracket
|1247C-vertical line
}1257D-right curly bracket


Latin-1 Supplement : Unicode U+0080 – U+00FF (128–255)

 160A0&nbsp;no-break space
¡161A1&iexcl;inverted exclamation mark
¢162A2&cent;cent sign
£163A3&pound;pound sign   [lira sign is ₤ (&#8356;)]
¤164A4&curren;currency sign
¥165A5&yen;yen sign
¦166A6&brvbar;broken bar
§167A7&sect;section sign
©169A9&copy;copyright sign
ª170AA&ordf;feminine ordinal indicator
«171AB&laquo;left-pointing double angle quotation mark
¬172AC&not;not sign
­173AD&shy;soft hyphen
®174AE&reg;registered sign
°176B0&deg;degree sign
±177B1&plusmn;plus-minus sign
²178B2&sup2;superscript two
³179B3&sup3;superscript three
´180B4&acute;acute accent
µ181B5&micro;micro sign
182B6&para;pilcrow sign
·183B7&middot;middle dot
¹185B9&sup1;superscript one
º186BA&ordm;masculine ordinal indicator
»187BB&raquo;right-pointing double angle quotation mark
¼188BC&frac14;vulgar fraction one quarter
½189BD&frac12;vulgar fraction one half
¾190BE&frac34;vulgar fraction three quarters
¿191BF&iquest;inverted question mark
À192C0&Agrave;Latin capital letter A with grave
Á193C1&Aacute;Latin capital letter A with acute
Â194C2&Acirc;Latin capital letter A with circumflex
Ã195C3&Atilde;Latin capital letter A with tilde
Ä196C4&Auml;Latin capital letter A with diaeresis
Å197C5&Aring;Latin capital letter A with ring above
Æ198C6&AElig;Latin capital letter AE
Ç199C7&Ccedil;Latin capital letter C with cedilla
È200C8&Egrave;Latin capital letter E with grave
É201C9&Eacute;Latin capital letter E with acute
Ê202CA&Ecirc;Latin capital letter E with circumflex
Ë203CB&Euml;Latin capital letter E with diaeresis
Ì204CC&Igrave;Latin capital letter I with grave
Í205CD&Iacute;Latin capital letter I with acute
Î206CE&Icirc;Latin capital letter I with circumflex
Ï207CF&Iuml;Latin capital letter I with diaeresis
Ð208D0&ETH;Latin capital letter Eth
Ñ209D1&Ntilde;Latin capital letter N with tilde
Ò210D2&Ograve;Latin capital letter O with grave
Ó211D3&Oacute;Latin capital letter O with acute
Ô212D4&Ocirc;Latin capital letter O with circumflex
Õ213D5&Otilde;Latin capital letter O with tilde
Ö214D6&Ouml;Latin capital letter O with diaeresis
×215D7&times;multiplication sign
Ø216D8&Oslash;Latin capital letter O with stroke
Ù217D9&Ugrave;Latin capital letter U with grave
Ú218DA&Uacute;Latin capital letter U with acute
Û219DB&Ucirc;Latin capital letter U with circumflex
Ü220DC&Uuml;Latin capital letter U with diaeresis
Ý221DD&Yacute;Latin capital letter Y with acute
Þ222DE&THORN;Latin capital letter Thorn
ß223DF&szlig;Latin small letter sharp s
à224E0&agrave;Latin small letter a with grave
á225E1&aacute;Latin small letter a with acute
â226E2&acirc;Latin small letter a with circumflex
ã227E3&atilde;Latin small letter a with tilde
ä228E4&auml;Latin small letter a with diaeresis
å229E5&aring;Latin small letter a with ring above
æ230E6&aelig;Latin small letter ae
ç231E7&ccedil;Latin small letter c with cedilla
è232E8&egrave;Latin small letter e with grave
é233E9&eacute;Latin small letter e with acute
ê234EA&ecirc;Latin small letter e with circumflex
ë235EB&euml;Latin small letter e with diaeresis
ì236EC&igrave;Latin small letter i with grave
í237ED&iacute;Latin small letter i with acute
î238EE&icirc;Latin small letter i with circumflex
ï239EF&iuml;Latin small letter i with diaeresis
ð240F0&eth;Latin small letter eth
ñ241F1&ntilde;Latin small letter n with tilde
ò242F2&ograve;Latin small letter o with grave
ó243F3&oacute;Latin small letter o with acute
ô244F4&ocirc;Latin small letter o with circumflex
õ245F5&otilde;Latin small letter o with tilde
ö246F6&ouml;Latin small letter o with diaeresis
÷247F7&divide;division sign
ø248F8&oslash;Latin small letter o with stroke
ù249F9&ugrave;Latin small letter u with grave
ú250FA&uacute;Latin small letter u with acute
û251FB&ucirc;Latin small letter u with circumflex
ü252FC&uuml;Latin small letter u with diaeresis
ý253FD&yacute;Latin small letter y with acute
þ254FE&thorn;Latin small letter thorn
ÿ255FF&yuml;Latin small letter y with diaeresis


Latin Extended-A : Unicode U+0100 – U+017F (256–383)

Ā2560100-Latin capital letter A with macron
ā2570101-Latin small letter a with macron
Ă2580102-Latin capital letter A with breve
ă2590103-Latin small letter a with breve
Ą2600104-Latin capital letter A with ogonek
ą2610105-Latin small letter a with ogonek
Ć2620106-Latin capital letter C with acute
ć2630107-Latin small letter c with acute
Ĉ2640108-Latin capital letter C with circumflex
ĉ2650109-Latin small letter c with circumflex
Ċ266010A-Latin capital letter C with dot above
ċ267010B-Latin small letter c with dot above
Č268010C-Latin capital letter C with caron
č269010D-Latin small letter c with caron
Ď270010E-Latin capital letter D with caron
ď271010F-Latin small letter d with caron
Đ2720110-Latin capital letter D with stroke
đ2730111-Latin small letter d with stroke
Ē2740112-Latin capital letter E with macron
ē2750113-Latin small letter e with macron
Ĕ2760114-Latin capital letter E with breve
ĕ2770115-Latin small letter e with breve
Ė2780116-Latin capital letter E with dot above
ė2790117-Latin small letter e with dot above
Ę2800118-Latin capital letter E with ogenek
ę2810119-Latin small letter e with ogenek
Ě282011A-Latin capital letter E with caron
ě283011B-Latin small letter e with caron
Ĝ284011C-Latin capital letter G with circumflex
ĝ285011D-Latin small letter g with circumflex
Ğ286011E-Latin capital letter G with breve
ğ287011F-Latin small letter g with breve
Ġ2880120-Latin capital letter G with dot above
ġ2890121-Latin small letter g with dot above
Ģ2900122-Latin capital letter G with cedilla
ģ2910123-Latin small letter g with cedilla
Ĥ2920124-Latin capital letter H with circumflex
ĥ2930125-Latin small letter h with circumflex
Ħ2940126-Latin capital letter H with stroke
ħ2950127-Latin small letter h with stroke
Ĩ2960128-Latin capital letter I with tilde
ĩ2970129-Latin small letter i with tilde
Ī298012A-Latin capital letter I with macron
ī299012B-Latin small letter i with macron
Ĭ300012C-Latin capital letter I with breve
ĭ301012D-Latin small letter i with breve
Į302012E-Latin capital letter I with ogonek
į303012F-Latin small letter i with ogonek
İ3040130-Latin capital letter I with dot above
ı3050131-Latin small letter dotless i
IJ3060132-Latin capital ligature IJ
ij3070133-Latin small ligature ij
Ĵ3080134-Latin capital letter J with circumflex
ĵ3090135-Latin small letter j with circumflex
Ķ3100136-Latin capital letter K with cedilla
ķ3110137-Latin small letter k with cedilla
ĸ3120138-Latin small letter kra
Ĺ3130139-Latin capital letter L with acute
ĺ314013A-Latin small letter l with acute
Ļ315013B-Latin capital letter L with cedilla
ļ316013C-Latin small letter l with cedilla
Ľ317013D-Latin capital letter L with caron
ľ318013E-Latin small letter l with caron
Ŀ319013F-Latin capital letter L with middle dot
ŀ3200140-Latin small letter l with middle dot
Ł3210141-Latin capital letter L with stroke
ł3220142-Latin small letter l with stroke
Ń3230143-Latin capital letter N with acute
ń3240144-Latin small letter n with acute
Ņ3250145-Latin capital letter N with cedilla
ņ3260146-Latin small letter n with cedilla
Ň3270147-Latin capital letter N with caron
ň3280148-Latin small letter n with caron
ʼn3290149-Latin small letter n preceded by apostrophe
Ŋ330014A-Latin capital letter Eng
ŋ331014B-Latin small letter eng
Ō332014C-Latin capital letter O with macron
ō333014D-Latin small letter o with macron
Ŏ334014E-Latin capital letter O with breve
ŏ335014F-Latin small letter o with breve
Ő3360150-Latin capital letter O with double acute
ő3370151-Latin small letter o with double acute
Œ3380152&OElig;Latin capital ligature OE
œ3390153&oelig;Latin small ligature oe
Ŕ3400154-Latin capital letter R with acute
ŕ3410155-Latin small letter r with acute
Ŗ3420156-Latin capital letter R with cedilla
ŗ3430157-Latin small letter r with cedilla
Ř3440158-Latin capital letter R with caron
ř3450159-Latin small letter r with caron
Ś346015A-Latin capital letter S with acute
ś347015B-Latin small letter s with acute
Ŝ348015C-Latin capital letter S with circumflex
ŝ349015D-Latin small letter s with circumflex
Ş350015E-Latin capital letter S with cedilla
ş351015F-Latin small letter s with cedilla
Š3520160&Scaron;Latin capital letter S with caron
š3530161&scaron;Latin small letter s with caron
Ţ3540162-Latin capital letter T with cedilla
ţ3550163-Latin small letter t with cedilla
Ť3560164-Latin capital letter T with caron
ť3570165-Latin small letter t with caron
Ŧ3580166-Latin capital letter T with stroke
ŧ3590167-Latin small letter t with stroke
Ũ3600168-Latin capital letter U with tilde
ũ3610169-Latin small letter u with tilde
Ū362016A-Latin capital letter U with macron
ū363016B-Latin small letter u with macron
Ŭ364016C-Latin capital letter U with breve
ŭ365016D-Latin small letter u with breve
Ů366016E-Latin capital letter U with ring above
ů367016F-Latin small letter u with ring above
Ű3680170-Latin capital letter U with double acute
ű3690171-Latin small letter u with double acute
Ų3700172-Latin capital letter U with ogonek
ų3710173-Latin small letter u with ogonek
Ŵ3720174-Latin capital letter W with circumflex
ŵ3730175-Latin small letter w with circumflex
Ŷ3740176-Latin capital letter Y with circumflex
ŷ3750177-Latin small letter y with circumflex
Ÿ3760178&Yuml;Latin capital letter Y with diaeresis
Ź3770179-Latin capital letter Z with acute
ź378017A-Latin small letter z with acute
Ż379017B-Latin capital letter Z with dot above
ż380017C-Latin small letter z with dot above
Ž381017D-Latin capital letter Z with caron
ž382017E-Latin small letter z with caron
ſ383017F-Latin small letter long s


Latin Extended-B : Unicode U+0180 – U+024F (384–591)

ƒ4020192&fnof;Latin small letter f with hook
Ǻ50601FA-Latin capital letter A with ring above and acute
ǻ50701FB-Latin small letter a with ring above and acute
Ǽ50801FC-Latin capital letter AE with acute
ǽ50901FD-Latin small letter ae with acute
Ǿ51001FE-Latin capital letter O with stroke and acute
ǿ51101FF-Latin small letter o with stroke and acute


Spacing Modifier Letters : Unicode U+02B0 – U+02FF (688–767)

ˆ71002C6&circ;modifier letter circumflex accent
ˉ71302C9-modifier letter macron
˙72902D9-dot above
˚73002DA-ring above
˜73202DC&tilde;small tilde
˝73302DD-double acute accent


Greek : Unicode U+0370 – U+03FF (880–1023)

΄9000384-Greek tonos
΅9010385-Greek dialytika tonos
Ά9020386-Greek capital letter Alpha with tonos
·9030387-Greek ano teleia
Έ9040388-Greek capital letter Epsilon with tonos
Ή9050389-Greek capital letter Eta with tonos
Ί906038A-Greek capital letter Iota with tonos
Ό908038C-Greek capital letter Omicron with tonos
Ύ910038E-Greek capital letter Upsilon with tonos
Ώ911038F-Greek capital letter Omega with tonos
ΐ9120390-Greek small letter Iota with dialytika and tonos
Α9130391&Alpha;Greek capital letter Alpha
Β9140392&Beta;Greek capital letter Beta
Γ9150393&Gamma;Greek capital letter Gamma
Δ9160394&Delta;Greek capital letter Delta
Ε9170395&Epsilon;Greek capital letter Epsilon
Ζ9180396&Zeta;Greek capital letter Zeta
Η9190397&Eta;Greek capital letter Eta
Θ9200398&Theta;Greek capital letter Theta
Ι9210399&Iota;Greek capital letter Iota
Κ922039A&Kappa;Greek capital letter Kappa
Λ923039B&Lambda;Greek capital letter Lamda
Μ924039C&Mu;Greek capital letter Mu
Ν925039D&Nu;Greek capital letter Nu
Ξ926039E&Xi;Greek capital letter Xi
Ο927039F&Omicron;Greek capital letter Omicron
Π92803A0&Pi;Greek capital letter Pi
Ρ92903A1&Rho;Greek capital letter Rho
Σ93103A3&Sigma;Greek capital letter Sigma
Τ93203A4&Tau;Greek capital letter Tau
Υ93303A5&Upsilon;Greek capital letter Upsilon
Φ93403A6&Phi;Greek capital letter Phi
Χ93503A7&Chi;Greek capital letter Chi
Ψ93603A8&Psi;Greek capital letter Psi
Ω93703A9&Omega;Greek capital letter Omega
Ϊ93803AA-Greek capital letter Iota with dialytika
Ϋ93903AB-Greek capital letter Upsilon with dialytika
ά94003AC-Greek small letter alpha with tonos
έ94103AD-Greek small letter epsilon with tonos
ή94203AE-Greek small letter eta with tonos
ί94303AF-Greek small letter iota with tonos
ΰ94403B0-Greek small letter upsilon with dialytika and tonos
α94503B1&alpha;Greek small letter alpha
β94603B2&beta;Greek small letter beta
γ94703B3&gamma;Greek small letter gamma
δ94803B4&delta;Greek small letter delta
ε94903B5&epsilon;Greek small letter epsilon
ζ95003B6&zeta;Greek small letter zeta
η95103B7&eta;Greek small letter eta
θ95203B8&theta;Greek small letter theta
ι95303B9&iota;Greek small letter iota
κ95403BA&kappa;Greek small letter kappa
λ95503BB&lambda;Greek small letter lamda
μ95603BC&mu;Greek small letter mu
ν95703BD&nu;Greek small letter nu
ξ95803BE&xi;Greek small letter xi
ο95903BF&omicron;Greek small letter omicron
π96003C0&pi;Greek small letter pi
ρ96103C1&rho;Greek small letter rho
ς96203C2&sigmaf;Greek small letter final sigma
σ96303C3&sigma;Greek small letter sigma
τ96403C4&tau;Greek small letter tau
υ96503C5&upsilon;Greek small letter upsilon
φ96603C6&phi;Greek small letter phi
χ96703C7&chi;Greek small letter chi
ψ96803C8&psi;Greek small letter psi
ω96903C9&omega;Greek small letter omega
ϊ97003CA-Greek small letter iota with dialytika
ϋ97103CB-Greek small letter upsilon with dialytika
ό97203CC-Greek small letter omicron with tonos
ύ97303CD-Greek small letter upsilon with tonos
ώ97403CE-Greek small letter omega with tonos


Cyrillic : Unicode U+0400 – U+04FF (1024–1279)

Ё10250401-Cyrillic capital letter Io
Ђ10260402-Cyrillic capital letter Dje
Ѓ10270403-Cyrillic capital letter Gje
Є10280404-Cyrillic capital letter Ukrainian Ie
Ѕ10290405-Cyrillic capital letter Dze
І10300406-Cyrillic capital letter Byelorussian-Ukrainian I
Ї10310407-Cyrillic capital letter Yi
Ј10320408-Cyrillic capital letter Je
Љ10330409-Cyrillic capital letter Lje
Њ1034040A-Cyrillic capital letter Nje
Ћ1035040B-Cyrillic capital letter Tshe
Ќ1036040C-Cyrillic capital letter Kje
Ў1038040E-Cyrillic capital letter short U
Џ1039040F-Cyrillic capital letter Dzhe
А10400410-Cyrillic capital letter A
Б10410411-Cyrillic capital letter Be
В10420412-Cyrillic capital letter Ve
Г10430413-Cyrillic capital letter Ghe
Д10440414-Cyrillic capital letter De
Е10450415-Cyrillic capital letter Ie
Ж10460416-Cyrillic capital letter Zhe
З10470417-Cyrillic capital letter Ze
И10480418-Cyrillic capital letter I
Й10490419-Cyrillic capital letter short I
К1050041A-Cyrillic capital letter Ka
Л1051041B-Cyrillic capital letter El
М1052041C-Cyrillic capital letter Em
Н1053041D-Cyrillic capital letter En
О1054041E-Cyrillic capital letter O
П1055041F-Cyrillic capital letter Pe
Р10560420-Cyrillic capital letter Er
С10570421-Cyrillic capital letter Es
Т10580422-Cyrillic capital letter Te
У10590423-Cyrillic capital letter U
Ф10600424-Cyrillic capital letter Ef
Х10610425-Cyrillic capital letter Ha
Ц10620426-Cyrillic capital letter Tse
Ч10630427-Cyrillic capital letter Che
Ш10640428-Cyrillic capital letter Sha
Щ10650429-Cyrillic capital letter Shcha
Ъ1066042A-Cyrillic capital letter hard sign
Ы1067042B-Cyrillic capital letter Yeru
Ь1068042C-Cyrillic capital letter soft sign
Э1069042D-Cyrillic capital letter E
Ю1070042E-Cyrillic capital letter Yu
Я1071042F-Cyrillic capital letter Ya
а10720430-Cyrillic small letter a
б10730431-Cyrillic small letter be
в10740432-Cyrillic small letter ve
г10750433-Cyrillic small letter ghe
д10760434-Cyrillic small letter de
е10770435-Cyrillic small letter ie
ж10780436-Cyrillic small letter zhe
з10790437-Cyrillic small letter ze
и10800438-Cyrillic small letter i
й10810439-Cyrillic small letter short i
к1082043A-Cyrillic small letter ka
л1083043B-Cyrillic small letter el
м1084043C-Cyrillic small letter em
н1085043D-Cyrillic small letter en
о1086043E-Cyrillic small letter o
п1087043F-Cyrillic small letter pe
р10880440-Cyrillic small letter er
с10890441-Cyrillic small letter es
т10900442-Cyrillic small letter te
у10910443-Cyrillic small letter u
ф10920444-Cyrillic small letter ef
х10930445-Cyrillic small letter ha
ц10940446-Cyrillic small letter tse
ч10950447-Cyrillic small letter che
ш10960448-Cyrillic small letter sha
щ10970449-Cyrillic small letter shcha
ъ1098044A-Cyrillic small letter hard sign
ы1099044B-Cyrillic small letter yeru
ь1100044C-Cyrillic small letter soft sign
э1101044D-Cyrillic small letter e
ю1102044E-Cyrillic small letter yu
я1103044F-Cyrillic small letter ya
ё11050451-Cyrillic small letter io
ђ11060452-Cyrillic small letter dje
ѓ11070453-Cyrillic small letter gje
є11080454-Cyrillic small letter Ukrainian ie
ѕ11090455-Cyrillic small letter dze
і11100456-Cyrillic small letter Byelorussian-Ukrainian i
ї11110457-Cyrillic small letter yi
ј11120458-Cyrillic small letter je
љ11130459-Cyrillic small letter lje
њ1114045A-Cyrillic small letter nje
ћ1115045B-Cyrillic small letter tshe
ќ1116045C-Cyrillic small letter kje
ў1118045E-Cyrillic small letter short u
џ1119045F-Cyrillic small letter dzhe
Ґ11680490-Cyrillic capital letter Ghe with upturn
ґ11690491-Cyrillic small letter ghe with upturn


Latin Extended Additional : Unicode U+1E00 – U+1EFF (7680–7935)

78081E80-Latin capital letter W with grave
78091E81-Latin small letter w with grave
78101E82-Latin capital letter W with acute
78111E83-Latin small letter w with acute
78121E84-Latin capital letter W with diaeresis
78131E85-Latin small letter w with diaeresis
79221EF2-Latin capital letter Y with grave
79231EF3-Latin small letter y with grave


General Punctuation : Unicode U+2000 – U+206F (8192–8303)

82112013&ndash;en dash
82122014&mdash;em dash
82132015-horizontal bar
82152017-double low line
82162018&lsquo;left single quotation mark
82172019&rsquo;right single quotation mark
8218201A&sbquo;single low-9 quotation mark
8219201B-single high-reversed-9 quotation mark
8220201C&ldquo;left double quotation mark
8221201D&rdquo;right double quotation mark
8222201E&bdquo;double low-9 quotation mark
82252021&Dagger;double dagger
82302026&hellip;horizontal ellipsis
82402030&permil;per mille sign
82432033&Prime;double prime
82492039&lsaquo;single left-pointing angle quotation mark
8250203A&rsaquo;single right-pointing angle quotation mark
8252203C-double exclamation mark
82602044&frasl;fraction slash


Superscripts and Subscripts : Unicode U+2070 – U+209F (8304–8351)

8319207F-superscript Latin small letter n


Currency Symbols : Unicode U+20A0 – U+20CF (8352–8399)

835520A3-French franc sign
835620A4-lira sign   [pound sign is £ (&pound;)]
835920A7-peseta sign
836420AC&euro;euro sign


Letterlike Symbols : Unicode U+2100 – U+214F (8448–8527)

84532105-care of
84672113-script small l
84702116-numero sign
84822122&trade;trademark sign
84862126-ohm sign
8494212E-estimated symbol


Number Forms : Unicode U+2150 – U+218F (8528–8591)

8539215B-vulgar fraction one eighth
8540215C-vulgar fraction three eighths
8541215D-vulgar fraction five eighths
8542215E-vulgar fraction seven eighths


Arrows : Unicode U+2190 – U+21FF (8592–8703)

85922190&larr;leftwards arrow
85932191&uarr;upwards arrow
85942192&rarr;rightwards arrow
85952193&darr;downwards arrow
85962194&harr;left right arrow
85972195-up down arrow
861621A8-up down arrow with base


Mathematical Operators : Unicode U+2200 – U+22FF (8704–8959)

87062202&part;partial differential
8719220F&prod;n-ary product
87212211&sum;n-ary summation
87222212&minus;minus sign
87252215-division slash
87292219-bullet operator
8730221A&radic;square root
8735221F-right angle
87762248&asymp;almost equal to
88002260&ne;not equal to
88012261&equiv;identical to
88042264&le;less-than or equal to
88052265&ge;greater-than or equal to


Miscellaneous Technical : Unicode U+2300 – U+23FF (8960–9215)

89762310-reversed not sign
89922320-top half integral
89932321-bottom half integral


Box Drawing : Unicode U+2500 – U+257F (9472–9599)

94722500-box drawings light horizontal
94742502-box drawings light vertical
9484250C-box drawings light down and right
94882510-box drawings light down and left
94922514-box drawings light up and right
94962518-box drawings light up and left
9500251C-box drawings light vertical and right
95082524-box drawings light vertical and left
9516252C-box drawings light down and horizontal
95242534-box drawings light up and horizontal
9532253C-box drawings light vertical and horizontal
95522550-box drawings double horizontal
95532551-box drawings double vertical
95542552-box drawings down single and right double
95552553-box drawings down double and right single
95562554-box drawings double down and right
95572555-box drawings down single and left double
95582556-box drawings down double and left single
95592557-box drawings double down and left
95602558-box drawings up single and right double
95612559-box drawings up double and right single
9562255A-box drawings double up and right
9563255B-box drawings up single and left double
9564255C-box drawings up double and left single
9565255D-box drawings double up and left
9566255E-box drawings vertical single and right double
9567255F-box drawings vertical double and right single
95682560-box drawings double vertical and right
95692561-box drawings vertical single and left double
95702562-box drawings vertical double and left single
95712563-box drawings double vertical and left
95722564-box drawings down single and horizontal double
95732565-box drawings down double and horizontal single
95742566-box drawings double down and horizontal
95752567-box drawings up single and horizontal double
95762568-box drawings up double and horizontal single
95772569-box drawings double up and horizontal
9578256A-box drawings vertical single and horizontal double
9579256B-box drawings vertical double and horizontal single
9580256C-box drawings double vertical and horizontal


Block Elements : Unicode U+2580 – U+259F (9600–9631)

96002580-upper half block
96042584-lower half block
96082588-full block
9612258C-left half block
96162590-right half block
96172591-light shade
96182592-medium shade
96192593-dark shade


Geometric Shapes : Unicode U+25A0 – U+25FF (9632–9727)

963225A0-black square
963325A1-white square
964225AA-black small square
964325AB-white small square
964425AC-black rectangle
965025B2-black up-pointing triangle
965825BA-black right-pointing pointer
966025BC-black down-pointing triangle
966825C4-black left-pointing pointer
967525CB-white circle
967925CF-black circle
968825D8-inverse bullet
968925D9-inverse white circle
970225E6-white bullet


Miscellaneous Symbols : Unicode U+2600 – U+26FF (9728–9983)

9786263A-white smiling face
9787263B-black smiling face
9788263C-white sun with rays
97922640-female sign
97942642-male sign
98242660&spades;black spade suit
98272663&clubs;black club suit
98292665&hearts;black heart suit
98302666&diams;black diamond suit
9834266A-eighth note
9835266B-beamed eighth notes


Private Use Area : Unicode U+E000 – U+F8FF (57344–63743)

61441F001-Latin small ligature fi
61442F002-Latin small ligature fl


Alphabetic Presentation Forms – U+FB00 – U+FB4F (64256–64335)

64257FB01-Latin small ligature fi
64258FB02-Latin small ligature fl


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