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Private Use High Surrogates

U+DB80 – U+DBFF   (56192–56319)

Surrogate characters are intended to allow mapping of additional character planes into the 16-bit Unicode system, thus allowing more than 65,536 characters to be represented. The individual surrogate code points do not represent characters; they are intended to be used in pairs, a high code point followed by a low code point, to stand in for a character in one of the supplementary planes. Their use is restricted to UTF-16. The high surrogates in this range are intended to allow representation of characters in Plane 15 and Plain 16.

56192DB80<Private Use High Surrogate, First>
56319DBFF<Private Use High Surrogate, Last>

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The hexadecimal numbers and the character names in the above table are taken from the Unicode 3.0 Character Database, Copyright © 1991–1999 Unicode, Inc., as contained in UnicodeData-Latest.txt on the Unicode ftp site ( in October 1999.

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