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Supplementary Private Use Area-A (Plane 15)

U+F0000 – U+FFFFD   (983040–1048573)

The Plane 15 Private Use range was introduced with version 3.1 of the Unicode Standard and requires the enabling of surrogates in Windows 2000; these characters cannot easily be displayed in earlier versions of Windows. There are other Private Use ranges in Plane 0 and Plane 16.

The characters that appear in the first column of the following table depend on the browser that you are using, the fonts installed on your computer, and the browser options you have chosen that determine the fonts used to display particular character sets, encodings or languages.

For this range, the Unicode standard does not specify any characters – anyone can produce a font and assign any characters they wish to the positions in this range.

󰀀983040󰀀F0000<Plane 15 Private Use, First>
󰀁983041󰀁F0001<Plane 15 Private Use, Second>
󰀂983042󰀂F0002<Plane 15 Private Use, Third>
󰀃983043󰀃F0003<Plane 15 Private Use, Fourth>
󰀄983044󰀄F0004<Plane 15 Private Use, Fifth>
󰀅983045󰀅F0005<Plane 15 Private Use, Sixth>
󰀆983046󰀆F0006<Plane 15 Private Use, Seventh>
󰀇983047󰀇F0007<Plane 15 Private Use, Eighth>
󰀈983048󰀈F0008<Plane 15 Private Use, Ninth>
󰀉983049󰀉F0009<Plane 15 Private Use, Tenth>
󿿼1048572󿿼FFFFC<Plane 15 Private Use, Penultimate>
󿿽1048573󿿽FFFFD<Plane 15 Private Use, Last>

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The hexadecimal numbers in the above table are taken from the Unicode 3.1 Character Database, Copyright © 1991–2001 Unicode, Inc., as contained in UnicodeData.txt on the Unicode ftp site ( in October 2001.

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