Close-up and macro photography for entomologists

Some years ago, the International Institute of Entomology in London used to run a very successful annual training course on Applied Taxonomy of Insects and Mites of Agricultural Importance, aimed at practising entomologists from developing countries. I photographed hundreds of insects for these courses, and when the students saw the slides they would frequently ask how they were taken. In order to answer their questions, I used to hold a 1-day photography workshop for students attending the courses. My handouts for the workshop have now developed into this collection of information, hints and tips. I hope the information will prove useful for other subjects too, such as flowers, coins, stamps, shells and jewellery.

I hope the site will also prove to be interesting for fans of the Olympus OM camera and its extensive range of equipment for close-up and macro photography. Most of the equipment that I used at work and at home was Olympus, and so many of the tips and illustrations relate to this brand.

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Olympus OM system close-up and macro equipment

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