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Centering Mirror PM-ELCS


The Centering Mirror PM-ELCS has a flat metal mirror on one surface, and is matt black on the other surface. When using the Lieberkühn Reflectors, it replaces the curved mirror that is supplied fitted to the Trans-Illuminator Base XD-E.

Centering Mirror PM-ELCS

Olympus OM Centering Mirror PM-ELCS

The first version of the mirror had a black circle in the centre of the mirror, and could be used to centre the reflected light beam from the Mirror Housings. First, place the mirror on the stage plate and centre the black circle in the field of view, using the circular part of the focusing screen as a reference. Then adjust the lighting so that it is centred on the black circle.

Diameter 71.9 mm
Thickness 6.0 mm
Microscope ref. PM-ELCS
US catalog no. 104-213
Introduced 1972
Discontinued 2003

To change the mirror in the Trans-Illuminator Base (taking care not to get finger marks on it):

  1. Remove the arm rests and the lamp housing.
  2. Turn the base upside-down.
  3. Turn the large milled knob on the side of the base so that the black semi-circular mount holding the mirror is vertical.
  4. Turn the mirror so that it is at right-angles to the mount.
  5. Hold the mirror by the sides furthest from the mount.
  6. Pull the top side of the mount upwards, while pushing the mirror downwards and tilting it so that it comes off the mount.
  7. Note the 2 small holes in the perimeter of the mirror, where the mount locates.
  8. Position the other mirror so that one of the small holes locates on the bottom side of the mount.
  9. Pull the top side of the mount upwards, while pushing the mirror downwards and tilting it so that the other small hole locates on the top side of the mount.
  10. Turn the base the right way up, and re-fit the lamp housing and the arm rests.


The older version of the mirror, introduced in 1972, has a black circular line, a few millimetres in diameter, around the centre of the mirrored side. The outside is black, with the name “OLYMPUS” in white. The later version does not have the black circle, and the outside is chrome, apart from the name “OLYMPUS” in white on a black mount.

Instruction leaflet

Instructions were not provided with the Centering Mirror.

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