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FontForge (formerly known as PfaEdit) is a freeware font editor for Unix and Linux that can create and edit TrueType, OpenType, bitmap (.bdf) and some PostScript fonts, and can also convert between formats.

FontForge executables and source can be downloaded from the FontForge pages on the SourceForge Web site. This site also provides information on running FontForge under Mac OS X and Windows.



GOTE (Gnome OpenType Editor) is a freeware TrueType font editor for the GNOME environment under POSIX. It is still under development.

Screen shot.

Viewing a TrueType font in GOTE's Font window

Gote is produced by Robert Brady, and more information can be obtained from the GOTE pages on the SourceForge Web site.


Simredo Character Set

Simredo is a Unicode text editor that is written in Java and is intended for use with Linux and Windows. It includes a Character Set utility (available on the Other Functions menu) that can display the characters in any font.

The < and > buttons move the display by one page (256 characters); the << and >> buttons move the display by 16 pages (4096 characters).

More information about Simredo and a free download are available from the Simredo 3.3 - Java Unicode Editor Web site.



ttf2bdf generates BDF bitmap fonts for UNIX from TrueType fonts. It is a freeware command line utility produced by the Computing Research Lab, New Mexico State University, and is available for Solaris 2.6, Linux/ELF and Windows NT 4.0. For a list of options, consult the manual page.

For more information about ttf2bdf and to download a copy, see TrueType to BDF Converter.



xfsft is a set of patches to add support for TrueType fonts to X11; they can either be compiled into an X server, or used to build a stand-alone font server to provide TrueType support for any X11R5 or later X server.

The patches are no longer being maintained, because xfsft has been incorporated into XFree86 as the freetype module - see the fonts.README document for more information.

The xfsft patches and the freetype module are produced by Juliusz Chroboczek.



XmBDFEd is a freeware Motif-based BDF font editor for Unix; it allows the creation and editing of bitmap font files and can import several other types of font, including TrueType fonts.

XmBDFEd is produced by the Computing Research Lab, New Mexico State University. You can find out more at The XmBDFEd BDF Font Editor, where you can also link to the manual or download the source files or binaries for Solaris and Linux.


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