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XEMO Notation Font

The following message is reproduced with permission of William Will:

From: William Will []
Sent: 17 January 2002 19:29
Subject: XEMO Notation Font

Xemus Software has decided to fund a notation font that will be released into the public domain under the XPL (XEMO Public License). I'll be soliciting any input the developer community may have regarding the requirements for such a font. Our first goal is to create a basic musical font that is compliant with the new Unicode 3.1 standard and the set of musical symbols it proposes, although we believe it should be put to the test before we fully commit to that particular standard. We are currently trying to find corporate and institutional partners who are willing to support this effort.

For those that have not heard about the Unicode standard, you may want to download the pdf file that describes it at

This new font should alleviate any intellectual property issues many developers are running into when trying to develop new notation and other music software applications. Other developers are encouraged to contribute their work. The long range goal is to provide further fonts to the public domain, such as Byzantine notation symbols, roman numerals, and specialized fonts for other sub domains of musical notation through the Project XEMO web site - essentially creating a centralized repository for anyone needing fonts for musical notation.

The first version of the basic music font will be released in steps as the XEMO Notation API and code base become available for public review and alpha testing.

William Will
Project XEMO


Created 18th January 2002

Test for Musical Symbols Unicode support in Web browsers

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