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Cyrillic Extended-A

U+2DE0 – U+2DFF   (11744–11775)

The Cyrillic Extended-A range was introduced with version 5.1.0 of the Unicode Standard, and is located in Plane 0, the Basic Multilingual Plane. It provides additional characters for use with those in the existing Cyrillic, Cyrillic Supplement and Cyrillic Extended-B ranges.

The characters that appear in the “Character” columns of the following table depend on the browser that you are using, the fonts installed on your computer, and the browser options you have chosen that determine the fonts used to display particular character sets, encodings or languages.

You can find some or all of the characters in this range in the Windows Unicode fonts Bukyvede, EversonMono, Kliment Std, Quivira and RomanCyrillic Std.

If you are not familiar with the characters, you can check the characters displayed here with the graphical display at

оⷠ11744оⷠ2DE0COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER BE (combined with o (о))
оⷡ11745оⷡ2DE1COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER VE (combined with o (о))
оⷢ11746оⷢ2DE2COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER GHE (combined with o (о))
оⷣ11747оⷣ2DE3COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER DE (combined with o (о))
оⷤ11748оⷤ2DE4COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER ZHE (combined with o (о))
оⷥ11749оⷥ2DE5COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER ZE (combined with o (о))
оⷦ11750оⷦ2DE6COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER KA (combined with o (о))
оⷧ11751оⷧ2DE7COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER EL (combined with o (о))
оⷨ11752оⷨ2DE8COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER EM (combined with o (о))
оⷩ11753оⷩ2DE9COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER EN (combined with o (о))
оⷪ11754оⷪ2DEACOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER O (combined with o (о))
оⷫ11755оⷫ2DEBCOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER PE (combined with o (о))
оⷬ11756оⷬ2DECCOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER ER (combined with o (о))
оⷭ11757оⷭ2DEDCOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER ES (combined with o (о))
оⷮ11758оⷮ2DEECOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER TE (combined with o (о))
оⷯ11759оⷯ2DEFCOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER HA (combined with o (о))
оⷰ11760оⷰ2DF0COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER TSE (combined with o (о))
оⷱ11761оⷱ2DF1COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER CHE (combined with o (о))
оⷲ11762оⷲ2DF2COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER SHA (combined with o (о))
оⷳ11763оⷳ2DF3COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER SHCHA (combined with o (о))
оⷴ11764оⷴ2DF4COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER FITA (combined with o (о))
оⷵ11765оⷵ2DF5COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER ES-TE (combined with o (о))
оⷶ11766оⷶ2DF6COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER A (combined with o (о))
оⷷ11767оⷷ2DF7COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER IE (combined with o (о))
оⷸ11768оⷸ2DF8COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER DJERV (combined with o (о))
оⷹ11769оⷹ2DF9COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER MONOGRAPH UK (combined with o (о))
оⷺ11770оⷺ2DFACOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER YAT (combined with o (о))
оⷻ11771оⷻ2DFBCOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER YU (combined with o (о))
оⷼ11772оⷼ2DFCCOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER IOTIFIED A (combined with o (о))
оⷽ11773оⷽ2DFDCOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER LITTLE YUS (combined with o (о))
оⷾ11774оⷾ2DFECOMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER BIG YUS (combined with o (о))

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The hexadecimal numbers and the character names in the above table are taken from the Unicode 5.1.0 Character Database, Copyright © 1991–2008 Unicode, Inc., as contained in UnicodeData.txt on the Unicode Web site ( in April 2008.

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