Compendium of Pesticide Common Names

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This is not intended to be a comprehensive collection of links to other Web sites concerned with pesticides – other people have the time and resources to do a better job than I can.

All links were checked on 10th January 2010.

Analytical Methods

Books and Compendia

Current Awareness

Information Providers

    Publishes Biological Abstracts and Zoological Record, as printed journals and as databases.
  • CAB International
    Publishes the CAB ABSTRACTS and CAB HEALTH databases, and over 40 printed abstract journals derived from them, including Helminthological Abstracts, Nematological Abstracts, Review of Agricultural Entomology, Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Review of Medical and Veterinary Mycology, Review of Plant Pathology, Tropical Diseases Bulletin, Veterinary Bulletin and Weed Abstracts. Also publishes a multimedia Crop Protection Compendium.
  • Chemical Abstracts Service
    Publishes Chemical Abstracts as a database.


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