Index of HTML 4.01 Character Entity References <body> <h1>HTML 4.01 Character Entity References</h1> <p>An indexed list of the 252 character entity references for letters with diacritics, Greek letters and various special characters that are supported in HTML 4.01, including many alternative names for characters.</p> <p>Please note that most of the special characters will not be displayed properly unless you are using a recent Web browser and suitable fonts.</p> <p>Your Web browser must support frames in order to display the Index of HTML 4.01 Character Entity References.</p> <p>However, even without frames you should be able to see the list of <a href="ent4.html">HTML 4.01 character entity references</a>.</p> <p>The other pages to which this frameset links are the <a href="ent4_head.html">title</a> and the <a href="ent4_index.html">index</a>.</p> </body>