Alan Wood’s microscopical diary – 2023

March 2023

On the first of March, a new version of the software behind the Quekett website was launched, after lots of work by the new webmaster, Peter Wyn-Jones. It now runs on the latest version of WordPress and PHP, so it should be faster. The arrangement for signing in has changed too, so that members are verified in the membership database and will not need a new password each year.

February 2023

The first Home Counties meeting of the year was held in the main hall of Church Gate House Centre, where the South Thames Discussion Group met for several years, adjacent to St Andrews Church in Cobham, Surrey.

I prepared some of home-made ball tables for the gossip in the afternoon, but there was so much else to see that I decided to keep them for another occasion.

January 2023

The Wimbledon Common Nature Club has re-started after a break because of Covid-19. It is run by Auriel Glanville and two teenage assistants (Alexander and Oliver Mallett) and welcomes children from 6–14 years old to come and discover the world of nature on the Common. They meet for 2 hours each month in the Information Centre, the same venue as used by Quekett members on excursions, the Weekend of Nature and the Open Day. Auriel asked the Quekett if anyone could help with their first meeting of 2023, and Paul Smith and I took an assortment of simple microscopes and some interesting slides.

Alan’s microscopes

Alan’s microscopes

Microscope slides

Microscope slides

Family with microscopes

Family with microscopes

Group photograph

Group photo
Back row: Auriel, Oliver, Alexander, Paul and Alan

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